HID Mercury

HID® Mercury™

Highly robust, premium controllers for highly flexible configurations

Since its start in 1992, Mercury Security ― a global leader in OEM access control hardware and now part of HID Global ― has focused on a distinct manufacturing niche: innovative OEM technology for the increasingly demanding world of facility security and access control.

Now part of the HID Global family, HID Mercury Controllers consistently provide partners with the most reliable and scalable open platform, including:

  • Adaptable Hardware and Open Architecture: HID Mercury hardware is designed and manufactured specifically for access control based on emerging technologies, changing industry standards and evolving network environments. This makes it possible for Mercury partners to proactively meet dynamic system requirements and end-user demands.
  • Technical Leadership: The experienced and technically astute team at HID Mercury provides highly responsive support throughout each step of the system development process, from initial design and testing or retrofit to installation, troubleshooting and ongoing service.
  • Partnership Expertise: Acting as an extension of our partners’ engineering teams, we solve installation challenges with proven hardware, reducing partners’ hardware engineering and development times, improving profit margins and lowering total cost of system ownership.
  • Economic Efficiencies: HID Mercury provides access control technologies for its partners and end users to optimize their system investments, eliminating the need to replace hardware due to upgrades or enhancements. This optimization provides for greater cost efficiencies while meeting today’s toughest security demands, large or small.

Mercury’s ISO 9001:2015 certification for its Quality Management System became effective in February 2019.The certification was issued by American Global Standards LLC (AGS), a registrar of Quality and Environmental Management Systems to ISO 9000/ISO 14000 Series requirements. AGS provides independent, third party assessments of management systems for all industries.


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