Milesight Cameras and Recorders

Video Surveillance

A total AI video surveillance solution with cameras, NVRs and video management softwares, meets various requirements from entry level to high end.



H.265 – Starlight Premium – Super WDR

As a pioneer in the use of H.265 compression, the Starlight Premium series is future-proof and twice as efficient as H.264 in terms of bandwidth, storage and bitrate, while maintaining high image quality.

Unparalleled 0.002Lux Starlight sensitivity

Engineered with Milesight’s industry-leading Starlight Premium Technology, this range of network cameras can function in minimal light conditions reaching 0.002Lux(Colour) or 0.001Lux(B/W), delivering clear images in low illumination without any supplementary lighting. The Starlight Premium series achieves best-in-class light sensitivity, providing reliable 24/7 video surveillance regardless of the lighting conditions.

Professional 140db WDR

Starlight Premium incorporates Milesight’s latest 140dB WDR technology which is even more enhanced than the conventional 120dB Pro WDR. This Super WDR technology allows the camera to record greater scene details with true colour reproduction even where the intensity of illumination varies considerably, which is perfectly developed for extreme backlight and high contrast applications.

Innovative Pro Design with the installer in mind

Milesight CCTV products have unique and creative designs, making the entire range extremely simple to install.

Having to carefully balance a Dome camera in one hand whilst fixing into position with the other is a thing of the past thanks to a dedicated Mounting Plate which can be fixed first, then simply clip the camera into position and secure. The Clamshell Design of the PRO Dome together with integrated dome cover retaining strap, means that hands are free to make the necessary connections without the risk of dropping component parts.

The same design philosophy is applied to the Bullet Camera range  where installers won’t come across the difficult to hide and seal pre-installed cable harnesses usually found on products of this type thanks to the Integrated Cable Management, as all terminations are made via internal connectors.

3-Axis adjustment with Motorised Zoom Lens

Not only do Milesight PRO cameras have 3-axis adjustment, but they also incorporate Motorised Zoom lenses to further enhance the installation process.
Using the remote lens control from a compatible NVR or via the cameras web browser, every possible view requirement can be catered for in a fast efficient time and thus reducing labour costs. The built-in rapid Auto Focus takes care of the image sharpness.

3rd Generation Dot Matrix IR LED’s

In order to provide superior low light visibility, the Milesight cameras incorporate 3rd generation Dot Matrix IR LED’s guaranteeing excellent performance, long life and also energy efficiency.
Also designed in is intelligent Adaptive IR technology, which dynamically adjusts the LED power output depending on the amount of reflection off the subject.
This virtually eliminates the white-out over exposed images typically experienced with conventional IR cameras.



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